A Company born
in the heart of the Food Valley

Tesori d’Italia is born on the hills of Parma where our family has lived in close contact with the territory and local productions for generations. In 1959, after years of learning and refining various types of production, such as the cultivation and processing of tomatoes, and the production of cheeses and charcuterie, our family’s prosciutto factory is founded on these hills, where art turns into a profession and the production of Prosciutto di Parma marks our entry into the world of Italian food.

Over 60 years of history
in the world of charcuterie and food products

Since 1959, Tesori d’Italia has been a company specialized in the production and selection of the best Italian gastronomic excellences. Starting from the production of charcuterie such as Prosciutto di Parma, we have expanded our range of food products to include cheeses, pasta, rice, condiments, and vegetable preserves. Our passion for the gastronomic heritage of the country guides us in creating personalized collections of exceptional food products. Our goal is to offer an authentic and high-quality gastronomic experience, focusing on tailor-made service for our clients.

for the Territory

Today, our headquarters are located right on that hill where our family cultivated and worked the land for years before dedicating themselves to the production of Prosciutto di Parma and traditional cured meats. In addition to having sentimental value, this place has strong strategic value as it is surrounded by century-old companies specialized in the food industry. Our offices and our logistics center are located just minutes away from the best prosciutto factories, salami factories, dairies, pasta factories, and preserve producers in the world. This proximity to the protagonists of the Italian food world allows us to maintain strong relationships with local producers, react promptly to market trends, leverage in-depth knowledge of regional preferences to adapt products targetedly, and actively collaborate in the research and development of new products.

Our Products

Our passion for the enogastronomic heritage of the country guides us in creating personalized collections of exceptional food products.